Next Generation Public Affairs, Inc.

Digital / Technology

Thousands or even millions of Americans who are potential customers for your product, evangelists for your brand, or advocates for your policy initiatives are likely hiding in plain sight through their Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profiles and other social media interactions.

Through strategic alliances with cutting edge technology companies, NGPA is at the forefront of developing customized social media engagement and data capturing technologies to help their clients more efficiently allocate resources and build-out broader consumer or voter profiles.

  • Develop, implement and execute a digital social media profile building and external communications plan
  • Develop social media infrastructure to communicate with consumers, constituents or voters regarding your brand, policy issue or campaign
  • Utilization of proprietary social media engagement tools to precisely target and engage those most likely to be interested in your brand, ideas or campaign.
  • Creation of customized analytic platforms that allow for precise and effective targeting
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