Next Generation Public Affairs, Inc.


Government Relations

Effective government relations requires advocates for your agenda who not only know the key decision-makers, but understand the process, your industry and most importantly, your business. Next Generation Public Affairs does more than simply open doors and make introductions. Our team of Government Relations professionals boasts a unique combination of business, legal and legislative experience, as well as a wealth of principal-level relationships that will be put to work for you in developing and executing an effective advocacy strategy to successfully manage and meet all your government affairs objectives.

Media Relations

NGPA’s professionals understand the rapid nature of today’s 24-hour news cycle because they have lived it. As national campaign surrogates, public officials, community leaders, newsmakers and sources for the top national and state media outlets, NGPA helps its clients thrive in today’s non-stop media environment where even a single Facebook post or 140-character Tweet can ignite a firestorm.

Our founders have helped new companies launch. They have executed re-branding campaigns for longtime institutions. Whether shaping stories and creating narratives for a reporter on background or advancing a news conference site to ensure proper angles exist for network news cameras, the NGPA media team knows how to get the job done.

From helping one business client navigate the media during a major executive personnel shakeup to working industry media behind the scenes during sensitive contract negotiations for another corporate client, the NGPA founders’ experience as a trusted source provides instant credibility in media markets to the clients we serve. Additionally, our extensive political and news backgrounds provide for finely honed instincts to recognize any signs of trouble for our clients.

Strategic Campaign / Coalition Development

Whether a client is trying to entice a consumer to buy a product, a constituent to contact a legislator, or a citizen to vote for a particular candidate, a comprehensive and strategic plan for identifying, persuading and motivating is a necessity.

Drawing from the ranks of former statewide public officials, senior presidential campaign advisers, senior congressional aides, and campaign operatives, the NGPA team is uniquely suited to plan, fight and execute local, state, regional or national public policy or consumer campaigns. Identifying and engaging strategic partners with allied interests is a critical component of any successful campaign. Given the firm’s extensive work in the political and public policy arena, NGPA will draw upon its extensive experience to develop, oversee and manage coalition efforts as a strategic element of a campaign plan.

Crisis Communications

Enterprise risking litigation, a hyperactive regulatory environment, congressional oversight, and a proliferation of bloggers and social media jockeys who feed the mainstream media; in today’s media environment, businesses and any high-profile individuals are constantly at risk for a communications crisis.

The rules of the game have changed and a communications crisis is often started by an unscrupulous blogger who pays no attention to traditional norms of media ethics. Attacks to your organization are rarely accidental and often are an organized assault by interested parties.

Whether in the context of a regulatory investigation, political campaign or legal proceeding, Next Generation Public Affairs professionals are highly experienced in communicating with key stakeholder groups in a communications crisis.

As lawyers, businesses owners, former federal and state regulators and political campaign operatives and spokespeople, our professionals have a uniquely comprehensive perspective on communication crisis management. We can develop and maintain crisis communication plans and issues management to help you effectively navigate you organization or campaigns through the process of communicating, understanding and managing high-level public scenarios.

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